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Solar Charge Controller SS2410

Item Number : Solar Charge Controller SS2410

Product Name : Chage Controller

Products Features

The solar charge controller is the most important part of the solar system. It can intelligently and automatically control the charge, discharge and load of the system. The performance of the controller is related with the stability of the system, especially the lifetime of the batteries. This series solar controller will supply perfect protection funcitons for the batteriesm, and it will make battery work reliably. And the controller could be widely used in the solar system such as lamps, pastoral, frontier and island and so on, it is also could be used for mobile basics, microwave stations and traffic systems.

Products Details

Model: SS2410

Rated voltage  (VDC): 24

MAX. Input Power:  240W

Current (discharge): 10A

Current (charge): 10A

Charge(Equalized Charge): 28.8V±1%

Charge(Resume): 26.6V±1%

Charge(Floating charge): 27.0V---27.6V±1%

Charge(Temperature Compensation): -36mV/

Start Voltage: 24.6±1%

Over Discharge(Shut off): 22.2V±1%

Over Discharge(The first resume):24.6V±1%

Over Discharge(The second resume):24.6V±1%

Over Discharge(The following resume):24.6V±1%