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Solar Charge Controller SS1203

Item Number : Solar Charge Controller SS1203

Product Name : Chage Controller

Products Features

The solar charge controller is designed for small solar energy generation system. It takes the industrial-level microchip, integrated senser and non-touch control technology, with perfect over charge/discharge; converse connection and lightning strike protections. It is the high effect, energy saving, safety and sever environment tolerance advantage, that prolong the battery life cycle and keep the load working well. Its cheap cost and high stability can meet the need of the small solar PV energy generation system requirement.


Products Details

Model: SS1203

Rated voltage  (VDC): 12

Rated load current (A): 3

Max. PV wattsWp): 36

Over charge protection(V): 14.4±0.1

Over charge resume(v): 13.3±0.1

Over discharge protection(V): 11.1±0.1

Over discharge resume(V): 13.2±0.1

Load over voltage protection(V):16.5±0.1

Load over voltage resume(V): 15.0±0.1

Ambient temperature: -2550Industrial standard microchip

altitudem):4500 meter

Battery converse connection protection: Batter +”“- polarity converse connection. If the fuse broken, change it.

Solar panel converse Connection protection: If the solar panel +”“- polarity converse connection, correct the polarity.

Over current and short circuit protection: The load current is more than max, discharge current and the fuse broken, change the fuse.

Battery open-circuit protection: When the solar panel is running and the battery is open-circuit, controller will restrict the load voltage to protect it.