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Solar Charge Controller MPPT10

Item Number : Solar Charge Controller MPPT10

Product Name : Chage Controller

Products Features

This MPPT series solar charge controller is not only have above mentioned special function, at the same time including completely protecting and controlling functions:

Overcharge protection

Overdischarge protection

Battery reverse current protection

Overloading protection

Short circuit protection

Reverse polarity connection protection

Products Details

Model: MPPT10

Rated voltage: DC12V / 24V / 48V

Max current: 10A

No load loss: 45mA/12V / 24V

Voltage drop: 300mV

Max voltage of solar panel: 23V/12V

Full charge cut:14V/12V

Low voltage cut: 10.5V/12V

Reconnected voltage: 12.6V/12V

Temperature compensation: -3mV/ceII

Efficiency: 95%~97

Wire area: 12A/ mm2

Electrical power using efficiency: Can increase 1030