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Solar Security Light SPS6-5W-01

Item Number : Solar Security Light SPS6-5W-01

Product Name : Solar Lighting System

Products Features

The Solar Security Light SPS6-5W-01 is a very efficient movement activated lighting system and DVR. In the daytime the panel absorbs sunlight which charges the battery. At night the light  and camera start to work when the movement sensor is triggered,  designed specifically for busy locations such as hallway, staircase, garage,entrance&exit..

Products Details

* Motion Activated Camera / Security Light                                                           

 * PIR Motion Detect and Record: 640x480                                                             

* AVI Format  Audio/Video record                                                                    

* TF Card upto 32GB, Overwrite Function                                                             

  * 1.3M Pixel CMOS sensor                                                                                                                                                     

 * Cam View Angle: 62 deg, F nbr -2.8                                                                

* USB2.0 PC connection                                                                              

* 4P glass lens with IR cut filter  

* Motion Activated Solar Light                                            

* PIR Motion Detect                                                                

 * High quality solar plate:DC6V,100mA                                                   

* DC3.6V Recharge Battery (1.2vX3)                                 

 * Completely waterproof 

* 12PCS Super Bright LED Bulbs ¢5mm                                                  

 * Light throw 8M,120°                                                                  

* 8 hours sun charge give 7-8 hours light     

*Recharges even in low-light condition