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Solar Power System SPS4-30W-12V

Item Number : Solar Power System SPS4-30W-12V

Product Name : Solar Power Kits

Products Features

SPS4-30W-12V is compose of the solar panel(1pcs 30W), controller(1pcs 5A12V) and cable with water-proof connector(2pcs 3mts)

Products Details

1. Built-in controller on the back of solar panel, easier to use.
2. Suitable for all 12V batteries and 12V DC application
3. Completely weatherproof
4. one cable connect to chargeable battery, other cable connect to DC application.
5. Over charge/discharge protection.
6. Maximum power 30Wp
7. Nominal current:1.704A&17.6V in full sun

More specification:
Solar panel:
Output power (peak):30W
Working voltage: 17.6V
Working current: 1.704A
Open voltage: 21.6V
Open circuit current: 1.9A
Size:790×368×40 mm

Max loading currency: 5A
Rated Wattage: 12V
Full charge cut: 13.8v (rechargeable battery)
Low voltage cut: 11.8v (rechargeable battery)

Cable:   3mts 0.5mm