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Solar Power System SPS2-85W-12V

Item Number : Solar Power System SPS2-85W-12V

Product Name : Solar Power Kits

Products Features

The SPS2 solar power system  is designed for providing the DC power supply for the DC applicants. The parts only based on our experience and suggestions. Customers may adjust the parts according to their DC load requirements.

Products Details

1. Description:
• Installs in seconds/maintenance free.
• Waterproof/rust/shock/UV-resistant frame
• Cabling includes 10 ft extension cable
• Built-in discharge protection (blocking diodes).
• Maximum power 85Wp.
• Nominal current:  4.65A & 17.6V in full sun.
• Suitable for all DC 12V applicants

2.More information:  
Specification of solar panel: 
Output power(peak):85W 
Working voltage:17.6V 
Working current:4.65A 
Open voltage:21.6V 
Short circuit current: 5.11A  
Size:1224×546×46 mm 
Standard test condition:AM1.5,1000W/㎡,25℃

Solar controller: 12V,10A
Recharging battery: 12V,60Ah
Including the installation wiring kits

Use for portable TV, radio,garden light,lantern,car battery booster,outdooractivities,etc