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Solar Panel Bracket ZJ-01

Item Number : Solar Panel Bracket ZJ-01

Product Name : Solar Mounting Bracket

Products Features

1) suit for 5W,10W,20W,30W,50W solar panel
2) angle and height is adjustable,could absorb sunshine efficiently

Products Details

1) This type of solar bracket is our new develop products, designed specifically for solar power system.

2) It is easy for installation, suit for 5W,10W,20W,30W and 50W solar panel.

3) Angle and height is adjustable,the solar panel could absorb sunshine efficiently.

4) The bracket is not only suit for ground amouting, but also for wall or other place, you may install according to your requirements.

5) Size:

Height: 200-275mm,adjustable

Length: 220mm, 365mm and 420mm