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Solar Lighting System For Home SPS4-5W-DT

Item Number : Solar Lighting System For Home SPS4-5W-DT

Product Name : Solar Lighting System

Products Features

1.New patent product, patent No.ZL2010 2 0540894.0 
2.Water and wwather resistant 
3.Powered by sunlight 

Products Details

1. The specifications as following

Model: SPS4-5W-DT

5W solar panel with built-in controller box and battery at the rear side

battery: Li-ion 7.4V2AH

flood light: 28pcs LED, about 1.5W consumption power

if the battery is fully charged, the light will last on for 8 hours

charging hour: if the battery is fully empty, it will be fully charged within 6hours

Weight of this system: 1.35kg

automatically on when dusk

2. The package including following

Solar panel:  1pcs

LED light:   1pcs

Mounting stand:  1set (2pcs)

Screw parts:  4set screw&nuts for the mounting stand to the solar panel, the other 6pcs screw&plastic tube for the system mounting 

3. Installation

The solar panel MUST be installed in a will lit location where it can receive maximum sunlight during daytime hours. Any cover that shades the panel will affect its ability to absorb sunlight and decrease the amount of brightness and duration of the LED lights. The light and solar panel box are for all weather use they should not be affected by exposure to rain, snow or temperature.

The solar panel flood light will activate automatically at sunset and deactivate automatically at dawn. Its location should NOT be near a light source such as a porch light, street lamp, etc., as these lights might prevent the flood light from automatically turning on. If possible, place the solar panel facing sunlight directly to ensure the solar panel absorbs maximum sunlight.

Mount bracket to the solar panel using provided screws to fix it firmly.

Install the flood light at the desired place.

After the solar panel and flood light are positioned properly connect both waterproof connectors. Be sure connections are correct. Finally press power switch, the red indicator lights on showing the power has been turned ON. Then the installation is finished and the solar light can operate automatically.

Note: charger the battery for at least 8 hours for first use.

4. Battery care

The lithium battery included with this product is rechargeable like all rechargeable batteries, however, it will eventually need to be replaced. If the light should begin to illuminate dimly or for shorter durations of time , you should replace the rechargeable batteries in the following way:

a)       peer of the cover sheet softly.

b)      Unscrew 4connecting screws and remove bottom plate from the solar panel box.

c)      Remove the old battery.

d)      Replace battery with a new rechargeable battery of same kind and capacity. Make sure that polarities of the battery are correct.

e)       Replace bottom and screws.

f)       Re-stick the cover sheet.