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Solar Lighting System SPS3-5W-2D

Item Number : Solar Lighting System SPS3-5W-2D

Product Name : Solar Lighting System

Products Features

The solar lighting kits is the same with SPS3-5W-1D if it is not connected with timer. The solar panel was charged by sun in daytime, and the spot light will lit when dusk, you could adjust the timer to control the time of lighting.

Products Details

1. No need of electricity, use free energy from the sun
2. No electrical wires to install, can be installed easily
3. Built-in solar regulator, over charge/discharge protection
4. Built-in acid battery charged by 5W solar panel in daytime, and power 1PCS LED flood light at night
5. Working time of the spot light can be adjusted by the timer, from one hour to four hours. You may adjust according to your requirements.
6. Waterproof for all, IP56
7. The light can work 8-10 hours with full charge.
8. With timer function, it can save energy and also extend life of light.