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Solar Lighting System SPS3-10W-1C

Item Number : Solar Lighting System SPS3-10W-1C

Product Name : Solar Lighting System

Products Features

The Solar Security Light is a very efficient movement activated lighting system, In the daytime the panel absorbs sunlight which charges the battery. At night the light turns on when the movement sensor is triggered, and the battery powers the light, designed specifically for backyards, walkways, driveways, garages, businesses and sheds

Products Details

1. Easy DIY installation - no wiring or electrician required, uses free energy from the sun
2. PIR sensor only activates light after dusk
3. Time, motion sensitivity, and LUX (daylight sensitivity) adjustments.
4. Built-in Infrared sensor-Automatic at night
5. Built-in solar regulator, over charge/discharge protection.
6. Waterproof for the solar panel, light and cables..