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Solar Charger SC-04

Item Number : Solar Charger SC-04

Product Name : Solar Tour Series

Products Features

1. Economical and energy-saving: The battery can be recharged for 1000 times. There is no need to replace batteries in three years, which saves your money.

2. Safe to use: The input voltage and output voltage are all DC voltage. Furthermore, it is provided with over charged and over discharged protection. Therefore, you will use it with ease.

3. Free you to charge your digital products: Utilizing solar energy, it frees you to charge your digital products anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for daily use as well as emergency.

Products Details

1. Solar Panel: monocrystalline sillicon 0.22 W

2. Output Voltage: DC 5.5V

3. Max Output Current: 400mA-800mA

4. Built-in Lithium Battery: 3.7V 500mA/h