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Silicone Sealant,

Item Number : Silicone Sealant,

Product Name : Cables And Connector

Products Features

1.Improve sensitive of circuits and component’s reliability; prolong their service life.

2.Insulation, shock-proof, impact resistant, working temperature range (-50 °C ~ + 230 °C).

3.Weathering resistance, heat resistance and corrosion-resistant.

4.It can resist ultraviolet, ozone, and the harmful effects of water and chemicals.

5.No change in physical and mechanical performance and anti-yellowing after 1,000 hour hrough the"double 85".( the "double 85" means the relative temperature is 850C, relative humidity is 85%.)

6.It can adhesive PBT, ABS, PC plastics.


Products Details

Packing:300 ml plastic tube